Monday, 20 May 2013

The culmination of 3 years of Uni...

Coming to the MDX Degree show the Truman in Brick Lane as of June 2013!!!! ROLL ON!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Reinhard Heydrich painting

This is the final piece for my tutor's personal project which should round off another good year of illustration. Yikes! How time flies!

The frames seen show my process of painting portrait of a 60 year old Reinhard Heydrich.

Based on the novel Fatherland by Robert Harris set in an alternate history where the germans have won ww2 Heydrich has risen to assume the mantle of SS Reichsfuhrer from the deceased Heinrich Himmler.

This portrait is based on a scene in the book where the protagonist (an ss major in the Berlin police) is having a supposed staring contest with said portrait of Heydrich.

In reality Heydrich was assasinated in Prague in 1942.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


A collection of selected images of my project illustrations, reportage, painting, reading and general artwork. Indulge!
Patron saints poetry project. 'The patron saint of missed connections'

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Beats for liberation: free palestine mdxsoc

Last friday i attended the Beats for Liberation Hip Hop and poetry event at the forum middlesex university, artists in attendance included Crazy Haze, Oracy and Mellisa Melodee (all of whom were merely names to i before going however i left the event with even greater respect for the UK underground, independent Hip Hop scene.

Anyway the whole event was in order to raise money for the Free Palestine charity Interpal and hosted by the uni's Free Palestine society.

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Sunday, 6 November 2011


Hard to believe it took a full 4 years between my first and second tattoo sessions, the stark warning from the man at Bedford Ink (Formerly Savage Art) that tattoos were an addiction may have put me off for awhile but now that have returned to the art and have had 3 designs etched onto me over the course of this summer 2011.

Since Summer 2007-present i have had 4 tattoos inked on me:

Starting to fade a little but still looks good.

Text reads: 'Death to Tyrants' Expressing my disdain for corrupt monarchs, Presidents, despots and dictators. Can apply to anyone in a position of power who abuses it and is not restricted to royalty.

Camouflage naughtical star simply because i like camo patterns and these types of stars look very beautiful.

4th piece on my lower back; Bob Marley NOT Blue haha.